Picture Books


Granny Grommet and Me

Nanna’s Button Tin

Historical Fiction

Photographs in the mud

Photographs in the Mud

Lighthouse Girl cover

Lighthouse Girl

Light Horse Boy

In The Lamplight


Early to Middle Readers

Horse Mad

Horse Mad

The Kid Whose Mum Kept Possums in her Bra_cover

The Kid Whose Mum Kept Possums in her Bra

Annie's Snails cover

Annie’s Snails

Young Adult novels

Dolphin Song cover extra small

Dolphin Song

Border Line

Border Line



The Shark Caller

The Dog With Seven Names


Cengage Learning titles




Scuba Kid


Butterfly Notes


Jungle Trek


Being Billy


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8 thoughts on “Books

  1. Luke

    Loved the presentation today and my mum might be buying me the lighthouse girl the light horse boy, in the lamplight the dog with seven names and the shark caller thanks for the inspiration towards writing story’s thank you for sharing ure story’s with use

  2. karen

    Hi Dianne we are Alyssa & Hannah our class has been reading The Dog With Seven Names
    Hannah & I absouloutly love it because its interesting and we cant wait to see what happens
    next. (the rest of the class loves it to!)
    Hi Dianne,
    We have been reading your book in class and the kids love it. It has captured their hearts with all of the emotion. We are wondering why you wrote this book and if you have lived in some of these places.
    we are planning on reading the other books you have written.
    Thank you so much

    1. Dianne Wolfer Post author

      Hi Alyssa and Hannah, thanks for your message and sorry for the slow reply!
      I’m so glad that you (and the rest of the class) are enjoying my dog story 🙂 I haven’t lived in those areas, but I did visit them twice to research my story. I love both history and animal stories and so the book was probably inspired by that … The Dog with Seven Names was also part of the Creative component of my PhD research into anthropomorphism. Does anyone know what that means? Can you say it? It’s my favourite word.
      The second Creative work for the PhD was The Shark Caller, which is also anthropomorphic, but featuring very different animal voices 😉
      Thanks again for being in touch. Dianne


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