Iron Kid cover largeWritten by Dianne Wolfer
Illustrated by Margaret Krajnc
Published by Cengage Learning, 2003

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Zac loves being a “Nipper” at the surf club, but he doesn’t like the races. He likes taking things easy at the beach, watching the sea creatures and thinking. He has been taking some swimming lessons and, with some trepidation, he enters the Ironkid race. With his father’s encouragement, he finds resolve within himself to finish the difficult race.


Like ‘Butterfly Notes’, this story was inspired by my daughter Sophie. When Sophie was younger, she was a Nipper at Denmark Surf Life Saving Club (Western Australia). One day Soph competed in the Ironkid race, and although she was coming lassopht by a long way, she continued paddling then swimming through rough seas to complete the race. I was so proud of her determination. Here she is safely back on the beach.


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