Granny Grommet and Me

Granny-Grommet-and-Me_cover-smallWritten by Dianne Wolfer
Illustrated by Karen Blair
Published by Walker Books Australia, Jan 2013

CBCA Shortlisted Book 2014

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Sadly, this book is no longer in print. Karen Blair and Dianne Wolfer have no remaining stock.
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My granny and her friends go to the beach, and I go too. When they hit the surf, they duck and dive and twist and turn. It looks like lots of fun. But I don t want to go in the water. There are strange things under the waves.

Granny Grommet and Me is a picture book about surfing grannies. It was inspired by the real Granny Grommets, a group of surfing/boogie boarding ladies in Albany, Western Australia. It’s a story that many young reluctant swimmers will identify with.


CBCA shortlist

  • Shortlist, 2014 Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards, Early Childhood Book of the Year
  • Granny Grommet and Me is recommended by the Better Beginnings program


Granny Grommet and Me is a keeper.’ Kid’s Book Review

‘Wolfer has written a story that’s gentle and matter-of-fact, and shows children one reluctant young swimmer’s journey.’ The Book Chook

‘… carefully sidesteps stereotypical notions of what a granny is supposed to be …’ My Book Corner

‘… delightful and entertaining …’ Buzz Words

Behind the Scenes

There have been some great newspaper articles and radio interviews about the Granny Grommets. Here’s are some fun links to follow:

Photos: ABC Open Great Southern’s Granny Grommet Flickr album (external site)

Transcript: Interview with the Granny Grommets on George Negus Tonight, November 9th 2004 (transcript; external site)

Audio: Interview with the Granny Grommets on ABC Great Southern radio, December 31st 2012 (external site)

Audio: Another interview with the Granny Grommets on ABC Great Southern radio – this time about how they are not afraid of sharks. January 8th 2014 (external site).

Here’s a link to the launch:

Check out the real Granny Grommets on Sunrise:

Students from Jubilee Primary School on the Gold Coast reading Granny Grommet and Me for students at Williamstown Primary School:

Sometimes when I’m on the Net I come across lovely posts like this one, and it brightens my day …

5 thoughts on “Granny Grommet and Me

  1. Caroline Coyle

    Dear Granny grommets,
    We just read a book about you. We think you are excellent and real! We loved reading about grannies who surf. Can we please find out more about you? Here are some questions for you. Can you please answer them? Thanks soooooooo much!
    How do you ride the dumpers without falling off?
    Is learning to surf when you are a granny hard?
    Do you sometimes bring your grandkids to the beach with you, just like in the story we read?
    What do you see when you are surfing through a big curler?
    How old are you?
    What colour is the coral that you see when you are snorkelling? Do you see Nemo or Dori?
    What are your names?
    Please please pretty please send us a message, we would looooooove to find out more about you.
    From Year 1 at Mother Teresa School on the Gold Coast.

    1. Dianne Wolfer Post author

      Dear Year 1s,
      You have a lot of great questions!
      I’ve just replied to the first lot via email to your teacher.
      I will pass this onto the fabulous Granny Grommets but it may take a week or two before they reply. Can you be patient?
      Best wishes for now

  2. Sophia Spencer

    We are trying to find additional copies of Granny Grommet to purchase but are having so luck. We would love use this text in Pre primary.

    1. Dianne Wolfer Post author

      Hello Sophia, You are the 4th person to contact me this fortnight looking for a copy. Sadly Walker Books have let it go out of print with no plans to reprint 😦 my agent is looking at other options. In the meantime, I have a few last copies on hand. Softback $18 Hardback $28 plus postage. I’m down to the last ones so could only part with one sorry…

    2. Dianne Wolfer Post author

      Hello again, following several other requests for the same title, after today (Monday) I will have no remaining copies. Best wishes and thank you for your interest in my book, Dianne


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