CHOICES coverWritten by Dianne Wolfer
Published by Fremantle Press
Paperback edition: 2001
eBook edition: 2009

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Elisabeth’s hand trembled as she lifted the jar of warm liquid. She wanted to run away and scream that it was all a mistake, but instead, she took a deep breath and poured her urine over the plastic pregnancy tester. A few drops spilt on the bathroom tiles.

She shivered, it was so unfair. They’d only done it a few times and it hadn’t even been that good. Not like it was in books or movies. She looked at her watch and crossed her fingers as her brother rattled the door handle.

‘I’m busy!’ she yelled.

‘All right, keep your hair on.’ He walked away. Then the blue lines appeared. Elisabeth stared at the tester and knew that now she had to make a choice.

Elizabeth has to make the choice of her life. Seventeen and pregnant: does she sacrifice her dreams for a baby, or do something she’s not sure she can live with? Under pressure from her parents, she’s juggling a boyfriend she’s not sure she can trust, a best friend she keeps pushing away and her own indecision. Something’s got to give. It’s the hardest year she’s ever faced — what choice will she make?


‘… a non-judgemental and sensitive exploration of all the issues associated with teenage pregnancy, motherhood and termination; a thought provoking and intelligent novel that provides an excellent basis for classroom discussion of a controversial subject.’ Australian Standing Orders

‘… its lack of judgement and unpatronising approach make it one of the best and most hope-filled young adult books I’ve read.’Joanne Shiells, Assistant Editor of Australian Booksellers and Publishers

‘Dianne Wolfer’s sensitive and compelling story about a controversial subject is written in a non-judgemental and informative manner, making the book a genuinely valuable experience for its intended reader.’ – International Specialised Book Services

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