Annie’s Snails

Annie's Snails coverWritten by Dianne Wolfer
Illustrated by Gabriel Evans
Published by Walker Books, 2014

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snails drawn by Gabriel EvansAbout

Annie’s Snails is a chapter book for newly independent readers.

Annie loves her pet snails. They have lots of adventures together. She even makes them a special home in an ice-cream container. She thinks they ll be very happy. But will they?

Annie’s Snails is illustrated by talented WA artist, Gabriel Evans.



‘… a delightful story of pets, family and care for the natural world.’ Aussie Reviews

‘… a great stepping stone for children wanting to move on from picture books.’ Kid’s Book Review


Snail Facts, teaching ideas and crafty projects

  • Did you know that snails shell are all different? Like we all have unique fingerprints.
  • And do you know where snails eyes are? See the picture above and guess.
  • Snails are gastropods. That word comes from Greek and it means stomach foot. I wonder why?
  • What is your favourite food? In some countries, like France, snails are a delicacy.
  • If you could have any pet, what would you choose?
  • Annie’s snails are good spellers. See how many words you can make with the following letters; s, n, t, k, h and a.
  • Find out about the illustrator, Gabriel Evans
  • Download and decorate Gabriel’s snail shells. Make each shell different.
  • Cut out the snails on Gabriels’ activity sheet above glue them onto pop sticks. Now use your snail puppets to act out a scene from the story.


Behind the Scenes/Gallery

The idea for Annie’s Snails began when a girl called Amelie told me about her snail pets. Amelie loved to put her snails onto her arms and legs so that they could have races. The races were slow and tickly.

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