The Kid whose Mum Kept Possums in Her Bra

The Kid Whose Mum Kept Possums in her Bra_cover

Written by Dianne Wolfer
Illustrated by Adrienne Zuvela
Published by Fremantle Press, 2006

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Mum looked down. The possum’s nose was peeking out from her bra. She laughed as the scritchy whiskers twitched back and forth. ‘Stop it,’ I hissed. ‘You’re embarrassing me!’

Mon is used to being embarrassed by her hippy mother, but when her mum smuggles a baby possum into the class pet show, it’s the last straw!


“A beautifully designed and illustrated chapter book that will bring smiles to many readers’ faces. Highly recommended for early and mid-primary readers.” – Reading Time

“…this engaging story will strike a chord with anyone who has ever felt embarrassed by their family (and who hasn’t?!). But the animals are the stars of this book and there’s a heap of info and contact numbers at the back.” – Magpies

Teachers’ Notes

Download teachers’ notes (pdf)

Behind the Scenes

Doing some research...

Doing some research…

The Kid whose Mum Kept Possums in her Bra began when I was visiting my mum in my hometown, Albury. Mum and I were walking down the main street when Mum saw her friend.’ Hey what’s down your bra today,’ Mum called (loudly).

They laughed while I looked around hoping no one I knew was nearby.

Mum’s friend continued walking and I asked why Mum had made the strange comment.

It seems Mum’s friend was a wildlife carer who was looking after a newborn possum. The possum needed to be kept at body temperature and usually slept snuggled in a pouch by the fire. But Mum’s friend wanted to go out to her School for Senior’s Art class. She was worried that if she left the possum home, the fire might go out and the possum could get cold and die.

So guess what she did!
nthcliffe and possums 035 nthcliffe and possums 048

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