Aussie STEM Stars: Skye Blackburn-Lang

Written by Dianne Wolfer
Published by Wild Dingo Press
August 2022

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Skye Blackburn-Lang always wanted to be an entomologist. Her unusual childhood pets included ‘Fluffy’ the tarantula and ‘Woodstock’ a giant burrowing roach that blows kisses and has starred in video clips.

Skye followed her dream and studied bug science as well as food science at university. As Australia’s first farmer of edible insects, Skye and her trailblazing team, teach people that insects are an eco-friendly, and delicious, protein. Most of all, Skye loves inspiring the next generation to follow their passion to achieve their career dreams, like she has.

Australia’s top chefs now use Skye’s ingredients, and the book includes recipes for her awesome Choc Raspberry Cricket Powder brownies, and Choc Chip Cricket Powder cookies.

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Having read all of the wonderful Aussie STEM Stars narrative non-fiction series to date, the latest book Skye Blackburn-Lang: Eating bugs for the planet written by Dianne Wolfer, is a fabulous read. What an incredible life Skye Blackburn-Lang has had beginning with her childhood, her schooling, her tertiary studies and finally to her unique and vital business of encouraging people in Australia and overseas to try Entomophagy – the practice of eating insects.

Encouraged as a young child to explore her natural environment, Skye’s love of insects began at an early age. She was fortunate to find teachers who continued to foster her love of nature and guide her to find answers to her never-ending questions. From school, Skye decided to study a double degree in Entomology and Food Science which would set her on her path to where she is today.

Skye’s interest in insects as a food source came about through her travels to Thailand where she spent time at a local market trying various options and then chatting to the store holders. Always thinking, Skye decided to trial the idea of insects as high protein food alternatives on the Australian public at local markets. She is aware that as the world’s population grows, traditional food sources such as beef and fish will no longer be sustainable. Slowly the idea of other sources of protein took off and now Skye has a thriving business called Circle Harvest Edible Bug Shop- Circle Harvest Australian Farmed Insect Protein where you are able to order edible insects.

This book with a glossy presentation and lots of colour photographs is highly recommended for school and public libraries. Highly recommended. ReadPlus

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