Kick off with Reading

Moss Vale High School have a fantastic program called Kick off with Reading. From what I can understand, it’s kind of like a whole school bookgroup, with every student reading the same book. What a great concept! I will know more soon because the book they have chosen this year is my Light Horse Boy.

harry reading

I’m feeling so honoured and can’t wait to meet the students and their forward-thinking teachers next week. Here is a teaser from The Southern Highland News.

More soon…


6 thoughts on “Kick off with Reading

  1. Annabel Collison

    I am a student at MVHS and am doing your visit at MVHS. I was just wondering what was something you enjoyed about being at MVHS? How did you feel that the teachers chose your book for the reading program and what is your favourite book out of your historical fiction books and why? If you could answer these it would be very helpful. Thanks for coming to our school I love your books. I got a lot out of you coming and have learnt a lot.

    1. Dianne Wolfer Post author

      Hi Annabel, I loved being at Moss Vale HS. What I enjoyed most was the enthusiasm of students and staff. Everyone made me feel very welcome. I also really liked the way that teachers and classes across subject areas used Light Horse Boy in different ways; for example the history students had a different focus to the literature students while the science class focused on anthropomorphism.
      With favourite titles – that’s a really hard question. I like each one in different ways. I’m happy that Lighthouse Girl links to the town I live in (Albany) and that it was inspiration for The Giants (huge marionettes) that walked though Perth in summer. For Light Horse Boy, I like the way it links to the animal mascots and Sandy, the one horse of so many thousand that returned after WW1.
      Hope this helps and thank you for your kind feedback. I’m really glad that you enjoy my books 🙂

  2. Caitlin Miller

    Hi. Thank you for coming to Moss Vale High School, we learned a great deal from your visit. I’m also doing a report on your visit for an English assessment and have a few questions about your writing. How do you manage to have so much persistence when writing books? How do you incorporate history and fiction without “insulting” historical events and real life people? Do you have an inspirational author or what inspired you to be an author? Do you have any tips for young writers out there?
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Dianne Wolfer Post author

      Hi Caitlin, I left a sheet full of writing tips with your librarians so hopefully that will help with the latter. It is very hard to get the balance between a good story and true history. If in doubt I try to check with family members of possible characters. After lots and lots of research, if I’m still not sure about ‘insulting’ I tend to not go ahead and try a different approach. Regarding persistence, it’s worth all those drafts when at last the book is published 🙂 All the best, Dianne


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