Young Reviewers


I love reading reviews by young people. After all they’re the ones my books are mostly for.

Yesterday The West Australian newspaper’s Ed! supplement included five considered and well-written reviews of Light Horse Boy as well as two terrific drawings by readers from Years 5 to 8. It’s great to see teachers and journalists  providing opportunities for young people to view their ideas and opinions in public. I loved reading their thoughts.

young reviwers

Grace from Upper Swan, I’m so glad that your views on historical fiction and World War 1 have changed. Brian is indeed an amazing illustrator. I love his charcoal drawings too.

Emily from Maida Vale, thank you for passing on all those recommendations. Adding the old-fashioned Aussie words was a fun part of the writing process.

Willow also from  Maida Vale, I smiled to hear that your heart was racing, and those sad moments needed to be there, didn’t they?

Zachary from Cannington, you must be very proud of your family and their own sacrifices.

draw2 Alex from Tom Price, your drawing is fabulous. I love that jaunty hat and the angry looking cloud!

Thomas from Nedlands, your drawing is fabulous too. That BOOM certainly captures attention and poor Breaker looks very worried.

Juliette from Forrestdale, Good news! I’ve spent much of the past two years writing a story set in World War 2. And it does link to several true stories. It’s told from the point of view of a dog. Do you like dogs? My last post mentioned the story briefly and there will be more posts about it over the next few months. Stay tuned…

Thank you reviewers for your kind words. There are many other books written by Australian children’s authors that explore different things about World War One. I hope you enjoy seeking them out …

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