Nanna’s Button Tin – first peek

This afternoon something special arrived in the mail. After publication delays beyond my control, I’m so excited to at last hold my new picture book, Nanna’s Button Tin. Heather Potter’s illustrations are beautiful and every time I read the story I find lovely details in her artwork. The release date with Walker Books is June 1st but here is a first sneak peek…

The story was inspired by memories of playing with my mum’s and grandmothers’ button tins. I loved tipping their tins upside down, sorting shapes and colours and looking for my favourite buttons. Some buttons held special memories; a favourite party dress or a bear-shaped button from a cardigan. The book is dedicated to every Nanna with a button tin.

First Review:

I couldn’t have hoped for a better first review than the one published in the current issue of Books+Publishing by esteemed publisher, academic, author (and more) Margaret Hamilton AM. She writes: …The heart-warming story is sensitively told in simple and expressive language. The reader is invited to join this loving family to experience the special relationship between a small girl and her nanna and to relive treasured family memories, all through the special buttons in nanna’s jar…  Stories about family togetherness are very important in the life of a child. They reinforce family experiences and loving relationships, and when they are as warmly portrayed as those in this book, they become keepsakes.

Thank you Heather, Editor Mary Verney and the rest of the team at Walker Books.



6 thoughts on “Nanna’s Button Tin – first peek

  1. Pat Kershaw

    Hi Dianne

    This is so exciting. How I loved playing with my mother’s button jar too. Have one of my own even though I don’t see!

    Looking forward to reading this.

    Congratulations (doubly) to Peter! What an exciting time for WA.

    All the best



  2. Nicola Hockey

    Hi Diane
    Can’t wait to get this book. I inherited my grandmothers button tin and even now will tip it out and enjoy the old memories and the ones I have added from my family’s favourites.
    Congratulations and thanks for the smile this has brought to my face!

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