Albany Anzac Weekend # 1

IMG_2527  What a weekend!  IMG_2541

There was a buzz in the Albany community as the 100 year Anzac commemoration weekend approached with everyone keeping an eye on the sky. October weather in Albany is ‘unpredictable’ – to put it kindly, but the weather Gods were smiling. By Thursday evening building illuminations were beginning and for me, watching the ‘Lighthouse Girl’ story come alive on the side of St John’s church was a very moving experience. Brian Simmond’s charcoal illustrations and the old photographic images were accompanied by the haunting sound of Simone Keane’s beautiful song, ‘Life’s Ocean’.

don Don Watson, the son of ‘lighthouse girl, Fay’ came to Albany on Thursday with his wife Peg and other family members. We walked together at Middleton Beach, saw the 30,000 poppies and were interviewed on Eoin Cameron’s radio breakfast show and Channel 10 news.

10 3

Then the formal commemorations began; the troop march and Anzac Service. Between events, pop-up stalls along Stirling Terrace had a range of Anzac related food and craft. On the stage there was music and performances by local school students. There were thousands of people in the streets with roads closed and so much happening, but no problems at all. I’d love to see Stirling Terrace closed for regular market days…

phototreoops  soldiers

2 thoughts on “Albany Anzac Weekend # 1

  1. NeiL KIDD

    Certainly a memorable weekend Dianne and, thanks to you and Brian, a lovely connection for the people of Albany and visitors alike.


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