Inspiring Giants – Day Two

Day Two, Saturday: Mum and Lionel were up early to reclaim their bench. IMG_1469

Meanwhile the rest of the family went to watch The Diver wake up. While waiting near the overpass we noticed people in the multi-storey carpark. We joined them and had a brilliant view of The Diver’s leap, accompanied by a stirring James Bond soundtrack.

DSC_0016 DSC_0007 DSC_0038 DSC_0026 DSC_0043

The Diver even peered at us as he passed. DSC_0047

We gave him a wave, then raced through the crowd trying to get ahead of the parade so we could take up the amazing offer of being in ‘The Bubble’; a taped off area walking through the street just ahead of Diver. What a great opportunity. We took so many photos…


IMG_4780 We followed The Diver to the park where he had his afternoon nap. The Lilliputians helped Diver remove his helmet then wheeled out a record player and put on a record to help him sleep. At least half the audience had no idea what the strange scratchy pre-disk music was. More ancient magic.

I loved the way both Giants snored. u

kdgiant IMG_4832 IMG_4829

We also needed a rest. By late afternoon everyone was ready to continue the journey. The Diver travelled through the city towards Langley Place. DSC_0125

Meanwhile the Little Girl Giant was looking for her uncle, The Diver. Where was he….

DSC_0176 bb IMG_4870

One of the things I loved most on Saturday was seeing people crowding city balconies and workers rushing from Royal Perth Hospital in their scrubs to catch a glimpse of The Giants. Babies in the crowd waved to them and even the blokes controlling the crowds felt the magic.


And then when  the Giants found each other, things became even more special…

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